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Summer 2003
Orphanage # 53Address: Yaroslavsky Prospect 4
194156, St. Petersburg
Tel./Fax: 7(812)553 4361
Director: Ms. Nina Chuvashova

Supplied by Evgeny Maksakov,- very reliable contact of Fred Andresen – from the Director – no official documents available

Data: 166 children – ages 5 – 23 years

The most pressing need is: To build safety bars on windows. There are 28 windows in the building. Total cost is: 98000 rubles, or about 3,266 USD (30 rubles/1 USD).

First - frontward windows for 36400 rubles, or about 1,213 USD.

Then - other windows cost 61600 rubles, or about 2,053 USD.

Some money from government to give children a good meal, to pay water, gas and electricity: money planned for autumn to repair water pipes in the buildings (she is worrying that it will be too late to have money in September or later because children return from the camping, and how can they live without water...).

Other needs: Lack of money for -
  • some delicious things to eat on holidays,
  • for repair of very old buildings
  • for maintenance (including gasoline) payments for two buses they
  • use for bringing children to camping and also for excursions.
Staff has minimal budget for salary and works on enthusiasm as we all used to work at the times of socialism.

Submitted by: Ellin Lieberman, President